3 Cool Ways to Use Video for Instagram

Many were intrigued to see how the new ‘Instavideo’ feature was going to pan out in comparison to Vine. Despite the two having the main similarity of being a social clip video service, this doesn’t mean that one can replace the other.

Instavideos do not loop, however they offer 15 seconds of footage.  This seems like an eternity, as Viners are limited to 6 seconds of looped footage. This requires that Viners to get a little more creative and get to the point quicker. I find there is more comedic content on Vine, while video for Instagram gives more informative and thoughtful content. Instagram allows artsy filters and the option to upload existing video onto the platform. It is also easier to edit an video for Instagram and re-do a scene that did not work as planned.

While there is room for comedy on video for Instagram, it seems that Instavideo is a good platform for interacting with fans, sharing news, and taking beautiful sights to a new level.

Here are 3 accounts that I think are really rocking video for Instagram.

1. Nellcote

Nellcote is an Italian-French fusion restaurant on legendary Randolph Street in Chicago. They use Instagram to showcase backstage and fan-shared photos of food and the beautiful decor of the restaurant. They also often have Twitter based contests. I loved the way that they used video for Instagram to announce the winner of a free brunch:

2. MTV

MTV is pretty self-explanatory. The legendary television station has to find ways to constantly be on the same page as its young fan base. I love how every morning they upload a short video showing 3 news items the viewer may have missed the night before.

3. Stone Grether

This Portland-based musician is someone I have followed since the early days of my Instagram account. He shares beautiful scenery of Oregon and it makes me nostalgic for hiking and the outdoors when I am stuck in the middle of Chicago.

Follow Nellcote, MTV, and Stone Grether.

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