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When I was a sophomore in college, I decided to try Vegetarianism out of sheer boredom. The cafeteria food wasn’t that great anyways. After I made the rash decision, I began to research and read up on the meat industry, meat-free diets, and lifestyles that omitted the use of any animal byproduct. While over the years I have gone back and forth from eating fish to not eating fish, I am firm in the belief that beef, chicken, and pork is not meant to be in my diet. But don’t worry, I am not one of those crazed PETA activists (though I will mention, I have respect for people who feel that strongly aboutĀ anything in their lives).


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I think my first known activity on social media can be traced back to my constant updates of my AIM profile. From there, I went on to be a Xanga addict, then a MySpace junkie, and then when Facebook became available for high school students I really hit my social media stride. I have been a constant updater of all of my social media channels since then and I see no end in sight.

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This sort of goes hand-in-hand with my social media obsession. I have always enjoyed writing, blogging, and school papers were always my favorite thing to churn out when in a crunch. Don’t tell anyone this, but I may or may not have written a few of my engineering-minded boyfriend’s Rhetorical Comp papers in exchange for laundry services in college.

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I grew up on the North Shore of Chicago, in the cute little suburb of Glenview, IL. My parents are not Chicago natives, but I know I am meant to be here. Chicago traffic is somewhat of a doozy, but let me tell you: when I have been sitting on the eastbound Kennedy for over an hour and I hit the junction and see that skyline, my heart skips a beat. The Chicago skyline has been known to cure traffic-based heart attacks, I hear.


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I have always been a huge fan of editing photos. I was an early adopter of Instagram as a quick and easy photo-editing tool. So, when all my friends started using the growing social network, I was thrilled. I love Instagramming photos of my dog (a pug, Nellie), Chicago scenes, and my DIY projects.


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Marquette University is a whopping 90 miles away from my hometown. When I first went to MU, I was enrolled in the engineering school. After a semester of that foolishness, I realized my true passion lied in Marketing and the Business school. It was the perfect fit! Milwaukee is my second home and thankfully it is close enough that I can still easily visit during basketball season. Go Golden Eagles!


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While I was never the best artist, drawer, or painter, I found a way to be creative in my own way. I love to fix things up and refurbish furniture. I am constantly on the search for my next DIY project, as my funds allow it.


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After I graduated school and got a real-life job, my college roommate and I decided to start a lifestyle blog. We both loved nail polish and fashion, and so Lace & Lacquer was born. Over the past year, it has grown from an after-work hobby to something I can see myself doing as a real job. It gave me great experience with WordPress and blogging in general. Check out Lace & Lacquer!


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Ok, I’m sorry, I can’t help it! Glee has changed my life in the corniest way possible. The FOX dramedy has brought out a love for show tunes and musicals that I never knew existed in myself. I truly am impressed by performers who can sing in the most nerve-wracking situations, such as live theatre, and sound amazing in a way that no other performer of this generation can do. I also have absolutely no musicalĀ tendenciesĀ  which puts me more in awe of Lea Michele’s raw talent.

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Lend me a great book to read and I will return it the next day (read). I am a very fast reader and enjoy reading a good thriller, mystery, non-fiction, sci-fi, or even a Nicolas Sparks novel. I have read the Harry Potter series over a dozen times through and am a big fan of rereading the classics, which I find I appreciate more now that I am not being tested on them.