Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! I am excited to start off 2014 with a new perspective.

I have a new design for my website, thanks to my friend Jeff at Quick to Impress Inc. They did a great job! Just by requesting a color scheme and explaining the purpose of my site, QTI was able to create a custom theme and implement it for me quickly. I strongly recommend using QTI for any web design, development, SEO, CMS, or mobile projects.

Thanks to this awesome new design, I am pledging to blog more in 2014. Please follow me on Twitter for my latest updates.

5 Blogging Tips to Get a Fresh Perspective

As a writer for a blog that focuses on a very specific subject, I often find myself asking “Haven’t I written about this already?” This is a common issue for most content producers as the demand for new, interesting, and engaging content rises.  Sometimes it feels like there is only so much you can say about one topic! The real challenge here is finding a different angle and story so that the writing doesn’t become boring and monotone, especially to you. If you are bored by your own content, the chances are that others will be too. Don’t fret- there are a few ways to get a fresh look at a tired subject.

  1. Talk to someone ignorant about the subject. Ask a friend who knows nothing about your topic what they think about it when they hear your keyword or subject. It will be interesting to hear what people first think of when they think of your topic. This should give you a fresh set of eyes to approach your subject.
  2. Look at what you have written in the past. Determine what all of your posts have in common. Are they all list posts? Are they informative pieces? Decide what your normal writing style on the subject is and then attempt the opposite. While you don’t want to change your writing style completely, thinking in a different way will give you a different angle.
  3. Check out your competitor’s blogs. Read what your competitors are putting out there and emulate- but do it better. Obviously you can’t plagiarize their exact copy, but if they are your competitor there is bound to be some industry overlap. Take their ideas and build on them… write the better version of their article!
  4. Write about something else completely. Take your mind off the subject and write about something that is fun and interesting to you. When you finally come back to writing about your topic, your mind will be relaxed and it won’t seem as monotonous as it did before.
  5. Use a generator to help create titles. Use sites like Uber or Generator Land to get your creative juices flowing with title ideas. Type in a keyword on Uber to get a ton of ideas for titles and go from there.

Writer’s block is one thing, but its another issue altogether when you are completely bored of writing about a specific topic. Hopefully these tips will help you get over your ‘topic slump’ and can help get the content machine chugging along again!